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General Weekly Tarot Guidance 5.23.22


You may want to be moving forward right now, but you are being asked to take a step back, sit still, and be at peace with where you are. Be present and tend to your life. Trust that Divine timing is on your side and that abundance is all around you - though you may take it for granted, it is there. The Two of Wands (inverted) and Ace of Cups is challenging you to stay in a space of inner peace, compassion, contentment, and Gratitude. Enjoy the stage you are at - you worked hard to get here and there will be plenty of work to do in the future 😘

Positive Vibes:

Remember that you are a unique expression of the Divine and show it off to the world. You are you, and perfectly so (even as you grow, learn, and make improvements). Some will find it beneficial to do inner child work at this time. Look for excuses to play and cut loose. Know that you are being guided and securely supported by the Divine. Some will find a new business opportunity at hand, while others will notice an influx of financial abundance in unusual forms. The Star and The Ace of Pentacles are very high energy cards. Use this energy to your benefit - and straighten that crown 👑

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