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My Love of Tarot and The Hermit's Lantern

I often get asked from clients how I came to find tarot or how long I've been working with it.

I was introduced to tarot by my mother around the age of 13. She also showed me some basics of astrology, and the energy body. I'm eternally grateful for this toe dip into the world I now love so much.

Throughout the years I dabbled with tarot. I did readings for curious friends and often relied on instructional books to double check myself. I was, and in some ways still am, a perfectionist - I wanted to make sure I was giving the most accurate information.

As I grew and became more immersed in the 3D world around me, my cards began to collect dust on the shelf. Many years later, I heard them calling to me and began using them again - for myself to reflect, to gain perspective, and understanding.

As an adult, I knew a bit more about the world within and without me and began to work with my intuition to read the cards. This meant putting down the book. This meant listening to and trusting guidance I was receiving.

I took some workshops related to developing psychic abilities in 2019 and was delighted by flexing the muscles, learning the importance of protecting my energetic body, why meditation is helpful, and so many more things. I began reading tarot professionally for others and found great joy in being able to help them navigate their journeys.

Through my experiences, I came to recognize that there is so much more to tarot than what's in the book. There is a mass of symbols most instructional books don't even address. There are important things to know about symbols. What about how one person can look at a symbol and see one thing, while another will look at the same symbol and will interpret it completely differently - and that's ok?

It's ok because we all have different channels, we have different ways of receiving information - our databases (our imaginations and memories) are different - therefore the way we connect to Spirit and our guides is unique to each of us. It's more than ok - it's sort of the point. I talk a lot about a healer being planted in the soil that is right for them. I'm talking about the environment you find yourself in, as well as the needs of the people that will find you.

I have found so much meaning in my life and in helping other's on their paths with the guiding light of tarot. It's a gift I am always grateful to share.

If you are looking to begin or deepen your relationship with tarot, consider checking out the new workshop my colleague Aurora Bonzo and I have put together for you.

The Hermit's Lantern: A Guiding Light to Your Tarot Practice is more than just a beginner's workshop for tarot. We are discussing the importance of your energetic body, ways to protect it, and your space. We discuss the importance of honoring your channel, and yes we run through the basics of the suits. We also take a real close look at symbolism within the deck, what it means - and more so what it means to you. This is for those starting out or looking for a revamp in their tarot practice.

Come join other like minded individuals as we enjoy mocktails, and two hours of tarot talk.

Ticket information is below. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

General Admission Ticket :

Admission to the workshop

Craft mocktail beverage

Special Discount for Services by Suzanne and Aurora

Luxe Ticket (limited):

Perks of General Admission Ticket

Custom gifts from Aurora and Suzanne (exclusive to this workshop)

Access to Aurora and Suzanne's new (and currently unrelease) ebook "The Hermit's Lantern: A Tarot Companion" ($22 value)

We look forward to your attendance and expanding your horizons for self-development.

*please note that all sales are final.

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