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My Journey

The Lotus Rises

Rising Lotus Healing, LLC's name is inspired by the journey of the lotus flower. The flower is seeded in mud. As it grows, the lotus flower comes up through murky water and blossoms on the surface. The flower is always free of the mud from which it came. The lotus is reborn each day on the surface of the water, sharing its beautiful blossom with all, and inspiring many cultures by its cycle. 

Throughout my childhood, my early teens, and my twenties, I experienced a lot of trauma: physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. In my twenties, I had the experience of living in not one, not two, but three houses that had entities.


Ever the vivid dreamer, I learned in these homes that my dreams were being used as a way for communication with Spirit. I was experiencing a lot of things that I did not understand, some of them fear inducing. I essentially shut down my gifts to protect myself, as many of us do when we don't understand how to manage them. 

I have also had the benefit of being able to experience some of the best examples of humanity, compassion, and love on my journey. Through these Earth angels and the opportunities that extended from their impact, I began to see the value in my journey and open back up to my gifts.

I felt empowered by my experiences and I wanted to empower others on their journey.

 I have been called to share my gifts with others. My greatest desire is to bring forth awareness and healing through love and compassion using my given spiritual gifts. I've been doing this professionally since 2019.


As I moved through my journey, I realized it was time to step into my own and changed the name of my business accordingly. Suze Intuitive Arts came to me in meditation after reflecting on the idea that we each have our own gifts to share and these were mine.  

I never stop learning and expanding and I bring what I learn to my clients to help empower them on their spiritual journey. It is one of my greatest pleasures in life to be of service to the souls who have decided to be here for this amazing journey and help them give rise to their own lotus.

As a multifaceted and limitless light being, I have many gifts: 

Certified Channeled Light Healing Practitioner

Certified Reiki II Practitioner 

Intuitive Tarot Reader

Spiritual Coach


Mother Moon Lover

Ordained Minister


Personal Assistant

Social Media Magic Maker

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