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A Lamentation

I cried this morning

My sadness, nausea, and frustration at the world around me

rolling down my cheeks

pooling at the bottom of my chin

Arguments for the right to bear arms

at the sacrifice of LIVES

Lives of children

Lives of peaceful people


gone in moments of rage

gone because the mental ailments of others find a way to communicate their hatred and distain for those who may not share the same views in the form of metal and powder

in the form of bloodshed and lives lost

families dismantled

Ending lives

Making themselves Judge, Jury, and Executioner

the false power of brutish behaviors

Can we not evolve past this?

Can we not learn to love one another?

Where has this hatred so deep it's more valuable than life come from?

The questions, though I search

have no answer that satisfies

the heart

the mind

the soul

I see pain


and the loathing of self

a sickness that turns us against our brothers and sisters

a violence that preaches its righteousness

a manipulation that breeds fear and seeks to divide


boldfaced, arrogant, and mocking

Bloodstained America

boasting its heaps of dead children and tucking its guns in at night


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