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Ask for the Help!

We all find ourselves at points in life where things aren't making sense, or things are seemingly so chaotic that we can't see clearly through the mess.

Did you know that it's ok to ask for help in those moments?

Are you laughing at that question? If so why?

Is it because sometimes we know it's ok to ask for help - and we can even tell others - "Hey, it's ok to ask for help" - but don't give ourselves the same opportunities?

I invite you to give yourself the pleasure of accepting help. Reach out to a trusted friend or family member. Heck, reach out to a counselor or therapist - but reach out.

You see, the beauty of the Universe is such that - if we put out there we are ready and willing to receive - it delivers.

The last few months have met me with some interesting challenges - a car wreck that really put a wrench in everything I have been building and growing towards. Or did it? Would the more accurate statement be that it brought to light things I needed real help healing from? I think it's the latter. I feel it's the latter, and I am so grateful I decided to ask for help.

I've had friends, mentors, and a therapist lend their time, their ears, their hearts, and their perspective. I've had people say things that reminded me that Source, God, the Universe - (whatever you want to call them) is waiting, with open arms and an open heart to help me be the best me I can possibly become. That means those same opportunities are out there for you - so take them.

Ask for the Help - you may be surprised where the road takes you.

From a place of realization and immense gratitude - Suze

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